Who doesn’t want success in both business and private life? I have discovered it is possible by these principles. I call them;
Principles for real success. I will share with you my 1st principle of real success. The principle of priority.

I use to live my life only with one focus – My own success in business, this led my marriage to a complete meltdown. In the end, even my company, because my marriage was falling to pieces. This taught me how to focus on live better to lead better. My first principle to real success is putting my marriage and family first. Not only have I experienced this in my own life but I have also seen how this change of priority has given my clients success in both their business and life. It is impossible to separate the two, so we need to get awareness and understanding of how business and life interact and effects each other. We need to get knowledge of how they can influence our business and life both positively and negatively. Within you lives the power to make it a positive one. It’s not difficult to let the closets know their worth to you, Order some flowers to your wife, take your kids to the movies, buy your husband his favourite wine. Celebrate the small with your family. Turn off WiFi for a night and go out and Live life with the people closest to you.

The way you live will determine how you lead. Do you put people first? Do you take care of your marriage, family and friends? Or do you put your profit before your dearest and nearest? I discovered leadership is not an adjective its a verb, and something we actively do every day. I decided I wanted people who I had the honour to lead to end up in the right place. This principle didn’t only gave me my business back, but I am a fortunate man to be able to celebrate my 21 anniversary with the woman of my dreams. I can also share that flowers are a very effective way of letting someone know they are loved.

I encourage you to live and act in alignment with your passions and beliefs but priorities the important things in life first.

Live Better. Lead Better.